Access Map


1-25-3-301, Honcho, Toda-shi, Saitama-ken 335-0023, Japan

Guests coming by train

1 minute walk from JR Saikyo Line Todakoen

“Toda Park” Please go to the east exit of the station (Go out the ticket gate and turn left.).
Please go down the stairs on the left and go toward the entrance of Matsumotokiyoshi.
I went over Matsumoto Kiyoshi and crossed the traffic light, and I’m in room 301 of my condominium (1F: Real estate agent). The entrance is on the right side of the apartment.

*The shortest travel time from the main stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area to the JR Saikyo Line “Toda Park”
Ikebukuro: 13 minutes; Omiya: 13 minutes; Shinjuku: 20 minutes; Ueno: 22 minutes; Shibuya: 24 minutes; Tokyo: 33 minutes; Shinagawa: 29 minutes

Those who came by car.

[When coming from Tokyo area] Please cross Arakawa on National Route 17. Go over Royal Host on the left and turn left at the intersection with Seven-Eleven. The Our Company office is about 300 meters ahead on your right.
[In case of coming from Omiya area] On National Route 17, go past the “Toda City Hall Entrance” intersection and then go over the fire station on your left. Next, turn right at the intersection with Seven-Eleven on your right. The Our Company office is about 300 meters ahead on your right.

Please use the coin-operated parking lot.

If you came by car, please use a nearby coin-operated parking lot. There are many coin-operated parking lots in the neighborhood, 1 minute walk from Our Company “Drugstore Seki” (On the left hand side when going in the direction of “Toda Park” from National Route 17) or 2 minutes walk (500 ~ 700 yen/12 hours) “FamilyMart” (same right hand). If you have any questions, please contact us nearby and we will guide you.