Privacy Policy

Design Information Incorporated (Less than or equal to “this site”) has established the following disclaimer and personal information protection policy to provide high-quality information and protect the personal information of users.


Please use the information provided on this website and the information distributed in the reports at your discretion and responsibility. We strive to provide as accurate information as possible on this site, but please note that this site and those related to this site are not responsible for any disadvantage that may be incurred by users in relation to the content provided.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal information may be provided on this site at the user’s own discretion, but such information will be kept to a minimum and other information will be provided according to the user’s judgment. We will pay the utmost attention to the handling of users’ personal information and work to protect it.

Obtaining and using cookies

We may collect access information that cannot be identified by individuals such as cookies in order to grasp the trend of browsing the website. It is used for the purpose of access analysis to improve the service, but if you do not permit the provision of access information, please use the browser settings to block the collection.

Purpose of obtaining and using personal information

To use this site, we may ask you to provide the minimum necessary personal information. Personal information provided by users will only be used within the scope of Our Company ‘s activities, such as improving the usability of services and websites that users use. We will work to improve the quality of information so that unnecessary advertisements are not sent. In addition, if the purpose of use is specified separately when providing personal information, we will use it according to the contents.

Management and protection of personal information

The Site uses Secure Sockets Layer (encrypted communication) when providing personal information, manages the provided personal information in an appropriate manner, and takes necessary measures to prevent the loss or leakage of personal information.

Prohibition of Provision to Third Parties

Personal information provided by users on our website will not be provided or presented to third parties without their prior consent, except in the following cases:.
*When Our Company discloses information to subcontractors in order to provide the services that the user desires.
*When disclosure is required based on laws and regulations

Regarding inquiry or deletion of registration of the person

If the user wishes to inquire about, correct, or delete his or her personal information, we will confirm his or her identity and respond accordingly. Also, if you want to stop the distribution of the mail magazine, please write it down and let us know by email. We will respond as soon as we confirm the content.

Improved compliance and protection policies

Our Company will comply with applicable Japanese laws, regulations, and other norms regarding the personal information it holds.
We will review and improve our personal information protection policy as necessary. The latest information is available on this page.

consent of the user

Our Company believes that you have agreed to the Personal Information Protection Policy when using the Site. The use of this site is the responsibility of the user.