Web Marketing

Sell to niche markets in web content marketing! "HARI"

  1. Search Engine Top Hit Reaches Potential Customers Directly!
  2. Highly specialized services and niche products sell well!
  3. Impressive design is impressive for potential customers!
  4. PR with a simple and realistic feeling will be carried out through videos!
  5. Send news and new product information in detail!
  6. Thanks to the support of Web marketers, sales are increasing!

1.Search Engine Top Hit Reaches Potential Customers Directly!

In order to make your product or service known to potential customers, you need to hit the top hits with the keywords you want when you search on Google or Yahoo. However, popular keywords are highly competitive and top hits are not easy. What is important is to identify customer service and product selling points, combine them with popular keywords, and aim for niche markets with the top hits of multiple keywords. This allows you to approach potential customers directly, matching the product or service concept. The “HARI” will identify the most promising niche markets and use tools like Search Console and Google Trends to analyze keywords and predict their impact. We will accurately select the most cost-effective keywords for our products and services.

2.Highly specialized services and niche products sell well!

There are three requirements for the search engine to be a top hit. The first is to do proper SEO. The second is to enhance the content that is specific to the theme that prospective customers want. The third is selling edgy, specialized services and niche products. In other words, content marketing is about getting the customer’s eye, building their knowledge, and creating a situation where the customer buys. To this end, we will find new markets, conduct research, devise strategies by calculating stories from the moment products and services sell, and plan concept planning, brand names, and page structure. In “HARI”, this process is handled by specialized content marketers.

3.Impress potential customers with its impressive design!

Design is important to be easy to understand, interesting and impact. When people look for information, they look at many websites. In order to leave as much impression as possible on potential customers, it is essential to have brand names that are easy to remember and designs that have impact with pictures and illustrations. In “HARI”, experienced art directors lead illustrators and graphic designers to design colors, typefaces, layouts and screen transitions according to product and service strategies. A professional photographer is in charge of taking pictures. To maximize the effectiveness of content marketing, we offer highly calculated designs.

4.PR with a simple and realistic feeling will be carried out through videos!

Web video is now one of the most efficient means of communication. It is safe to say that a video is decided by a plan, but the story is important. The use of video makes it possible to provide information that is easy to understand, organized, and concise and realistic. WebCM ideal for content marketing is basically 60 to 90 seconds. A professional shooting team will take pictures on a business trip based on the plan structure of the video director. You can edit the shot material into a video that is easy to understand with tickers, has a good tempo with sound effects, and is fun to watch. The quality of products and services that cannot be conveyed through text and still images can be conveyed through original Web videos.

5.Send news and new product information in detail!

The effectiveness of content marketing can be demonstrated by providing detailed information on our website. This is where WordPress, the blogging home page, comes in handy. There is a dedicated management screen, and you can edit the text of the page and add blog posts to deliver news and new product information for free. You can also post articles from your smartphone using the application. WordPress is flexible enough to add features such as net shops and membership functions, and can flexibly respond to the next strategy such as introducing “Net shop with credit card payment function” when content marketing becomes effective or “Membership fee content” and “reservation system”. The most important aspects of secure WordPress operation are regular maintenance and backups, and the deployment of robust security. “HARI” is monitored by professional WordPress operation technicians to prevent problems due to unauthorized access and to respond quickly when problems occur.

6.Continued efforts have resulted in a steady increase in sales!

Content marketing will be more effective over time as we continue to work on it. “HARI” ‘s content marketers are focused on increasing sales, not creating a home page. The operational span of content marketing is typically one year, and we continue to publish and improve content by analyzing access and developing hypotheses. Under the control of “HARI” ‘s content marketers, we will organize staff to write blogs and manage sales to strategically develop and distribute content that meets the needs of potential customers.

The synergies of these six processes enable us to continue increasing sales.

“HARI” is a specialized content marketing type “Website Production Service with Video and Blog” which is a package of all the above. We hope that this service, which is extremely effective in entering niche markets, will be used to advertise and promote products and services that are expected to enter new markets.

Production of specialized website for content marketing "HARI"

Example of installation cost

Blogging website production costs

  • Niche Keyword Research Selection ¥100,000 –
  • Content Planning ¥200,000 –
  • Home page foundation construction ¥150,000 –
  • Original document ¥150,000 –
  • Photographs taken on business trip ¥90,000 –
  • WEB Design ¥290,000 –

Total ¥980,000 –

Web video production costs

  • Movie Planning Scenario Production ¥150,000 –
  • Business trip shooting (cameras, lighting and sound) ¥190,000 –
  • Movie editing ¥150,000 –
  • Audio editing ¥90,000 –

Total ¥580,000 –

Operating costs of the website

In order to maintain the effectiveness of content marketing, the following is required for post-production operation of the website. Web marketers provide operational support by packaging:. ¥35,000/month

  • Server, Domain
  • Access analysis (Google Analytics)
  • Search Engine Measures (SEO Maintenance)
  • Security measures (SSL Operation)
  • WordPress Scheduled Maintenance (version upgrade)
  • Periodic data backup (multiple places)
  • Website operation support (individual consulting)

Total year ¥420,000 –

Other Options

Google Street View 360 ° Store Shoot

It’s an innovative service that allows you to see 360 degrees inside shops and offices using Google Street View. Please see (White House) for samples). As it is a Google service, you can only build it in the initial stage, and you don’t need to pay a monthly fee at all!
Net shop (EC) function added

Net shop (EC) function added

Customized WordPress EC plugin “WooCommerce” which has become the de facto standard worldwide. You can add online shop features optimized for content marketing! It is also possible to introduce periodic payments and card payments.

addition of reservation system and other functions

It includes a WordPress Reservation Management plug-in and a system that allows you to manage reservations and timetables on your home page. By unifying the management of customers and reservations from restaurants to salons and studios, we can improve the efficiency of operations. We also provide systems tailored to customer needs, such as quotation systems, schedule management systems, e-learning management systems, and customer management systems.

Support for acquisition of TRUSTe

Privacy Mark Consultant, a personal information management professional, will help you acquire TRUSTe, which is ideal for web marketing, especially cross-border EC. The TRUSTe seal, which is accepted worldwide, can be displayed on the site and the reliability will be improved. In particular, TRUSTe is a certificate for each domain, but it can also be used for sub-domains, and it comes with a personal information leakage insurance, so I think it will be reassuring for those who develop EC. The total cost of screening, registration and consulting is 370,000 yen or more in the first year, far lower than the cost of the Privacy Mark.

English and Chinese translation

Europe, the United States and China are indispensable markets for developing cross-border EC. First, I will translate English and Chinese (Beijing). Translating to master writing styles that sell will expand content marketing globally.

Support for trademark registration

We work with intellectual property experts to help you register logos and brand names. This will enable one-of-a-kind content marketing that is unrivaled by other similar content.

Management Consulting

We provide management consulting services by specialized consultants specializing in niche markets. We provide comprehensive support for your business, from new business and management strategy planning to financial planning. Experience the synergy of content marketing.

Package Service

“HARI”, a website creation service specializing in content marketing, offers a variety of packages. Use it for your business.

  • Homepage
  • Homepage + Movies
  • Homepage + Order Response
  • Homepage + Net Shop
  • Website + online shop + video
  • Net shop + video
  • Homepage + Reservation System
  • Homepage + video + reservation system
  • Website + Quoting System
  • Website + Video + Estimation System
  • Homepage + Schedule Management System
  • Homepage + video + schedule management system
  • Video + e-Learning System
  • Homepage + video + e-learning system
  • Homepage + Customer Management System
  • Web site + customer management system + video