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Recruitment of part-time workers

Business Profile

Design assistant

Necessary Skill

If you have the basic knowledge and experience of html and css, it is OK.
If you have experience of Adobe Illustrator, it is OK.
We welcome anyone interested in using WordPress or Adobe Indesign.
*All of the above skills required for practical work are trained. Please feel free to apply.

Work Location

1-25-3-301, Honcho, Toda-shi, Saitama-ken 335-0023, Japan

Working Hours

Weekdays 10: 30 ~ 20: 00, from 4 hours per day to 2 days per week


Hourly wage: from 1,100 yen
Training period: attendance of 30 days (Hourly wage: from 1,000 yen)
Travel: Pay (Maximum monthly amount of 5,000 yen)


Duration: 6 months ~
Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, and holidays
Overtime: None
Salary: Salary by ability (Once a year)

Work Environment

I was worried about my age and absence because I had to find a new job while I was raising my child, but I was able to realize the way I wanted to work according to my life rhythm. This is a workplace where it is easy to balance work and family. It can respond to the call of the nursery school and the sudden fever of the child smoothly. Also, you can learn new knowledge and experience while you work because there is a training even for an inexperienced job.

Job description

In my previous job as a WEB designer, I was mainly involved in following instructions, but in my current job, I can be involved from the stage of market research and design concept making. I think this is a suitable workplace for people who want to actively suggest new things or try new things. We also focus on hiring local people. Recommended for those who want to work locally, those who want to gain experience, and above all, those who can work with sincerity.

Partner Recruitment

Job type

  • Designer
  • Programmer
  • Copywriter
  • Illustrator
  • Photographer

Business description, period, and compensation

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