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Price List

Unit: 10,000 yen (excluding tax) ※ Please inquire about the price of the service not listed below.


1 hour (1.75)
4 hours (6.5)
8 hours (12.5)


Concept (15)
Corporate badge and group badge (30)
Trademarks (30)
Symbol Mark (10)
Campaign Mark (10)
Logo Type (10)
Color (5)

Web Production

Rental Server (5)
VPS (10)
Cloud (15)
WordPress (5)
Theme (5)
Plug-in (5)

Top Page
Lighting (5)
Design (7.5)
Coding (7.5)

*About 70% of visual elements
Lighting (3.5)
Design (5)
Coding (5)

*About 30% of visual elements
Lighting (5)
Design (3.5)
Coding (3.5)
*Multilingual pages: 25% of each price

maintenance management

Relocation of website (10)
Top page revised/updated (Page 10 of)
Lower page correction/update (Page 5 of)
Refurbishment of website (50/10 Page Configuration)
Server Transfer Domain Transfer (10/10 Page Configuration)

Web advertising

Actual advertising costs + design and administration fees (20% ~)


Business card (3)
3-fold business card (5)
Four-fold Business Card (7.5)
Postcard (5)
A4/B4 (12.5)
B3 (15)
Poster (25)

Printed matter and signboards

Cost of printing and processing + fee for submission and management (10 to 30%)

Posting and insert advertising

Actual advertising costs + Administrative fees (5% ~)

Actual advertising costs + Administrative fees (5% ~)

Request example

Research, analysis and planning
Logo Production (including trademark search and agency of patent office) Card ・ Brochure ・ Homepage Production Core Target: 50,000
¥1.5 million

Research, analysis and MD planning
video production
Reinforcement of website content and redesign
¥2.5 million

Research, analysis and planning
Building an online shop
Advertising strategy and implementation costs (Web advertising continued for 6 months)
¥3.5 million

Daily Life Survey (Monitors: 20)
Analysis, Reporting, Marketing Design * Workshop and seminars held
¥3.5 million

Verify Needs in Specific Areas (B-to-B 10 area)
Conducted coordination, hearings, on-site verification, analysis, and reporting workshops for related companies
¥3.8 million

Qualitative surveys (Life diary and home visit), quantitative surveys (Questionnaire), analysis, and reporting
¥4.2 million

Research, analysis and planning
Communication Concept Strategic Planning and Development
Creation of a website
Designing cards, postcards, and flyers
DM, insert, and posting advertising agencies
Advertising strategy and implementation costs (Adwords AdSense continued for 3 months)
¥4.5 million

Implementation of planning and workshops
Qualitative Survey: Survey of Living Diaries
Quantitative research: Big Data research
Recipe development and marketing concept development
Construction of output (Web + Video + Print)
¥4.8 million

Strategic planning concept development, tools planning, production, advertising, website maintenance area Population: approx. 150,000
¥4.95 million