If you need to visit for a meeting or an on-site inspection, you will be charged a business trip fee (Travel and lodging expenses).
*In some areas of the Tokyo metropolitan area (30 km radius from Toda City, Saitama Prefecture) travel is free.

Operating a home page requires a minimum of server, domain, server certificate, and home page maintenance (WordPress system maintenance, regular data backup) costs. Please contact us for the details of the fee.

The main benefit is that it’s easy to add and change blog posts and pages, and it’s cost-effective. Another advantage is that it is easy to incorporate functions such as an online shop and an estimation system as needed. The downside is that they are exposed to the risk of unauthorized access targeting WordPress. This makes maintenance and regular data backup by dedicated technicians essential.

We regularly update system files such as WordPress bodies and plugins that are frequently updated. We also periodically back up files and databases in the server to external storage. Our Company technicians also verify and tune the operation of certain plug-ins that are prone to errors during updates. We provide the support you need to run WordPress safely.

WordPress is free and available to the public, with many features developed by volunteer programmers. Because it’s free, developers have limited support responsibilities. For example, there have been cases in which the plug-in developer closed the plug-in after introducing the free member site function (Plugins), and the information of the members-only disclosure became open to the public, and there have been cases in which the setting was automatically reset when the contact form was updated and the inquiry was not received. Therefore, proper maintenance and management is important for WordPress operation.

Yes. Place the data of the home page on the prepared new server and perform the procedure of domain transfer. Normally, the mail server is also changed, so you need to set up the mail client on your computer when you transfer domains. The server’s settings are adjusted until stable operation is confirmed, and Our Company technicians provide operational support.

Yes. There are many ways to build an online shop, such as using ASP service which is easy to save initial cost, using plug-in to incorporate into WordPress, and developing from scratch to fit your desired specifications. We will propose the most appropriate method according to the size of the customer’s business and the characteristics of the product.

We also conduct “Daily life diary survey”, which digs deeper into the lives of specific consumers (For example, “supersenior class” “wealthy class” “Women in their 30s who are interested in beauty”) through a 24 hour × 7 day survey, and big data surveys, which analyze information groups on the Internet that are appropriately selected by setting specific objects and things (For example, “Mayonnaise” “camp” “supplement”). In addition, we respond to various surveys such as door-to-door surveys, group interviews, and questionnaire surveys. We will appropriately coordinate qualitative and quantitative surveys in order to make consumers’ behavior visible and to reveal facts.

We also respond to market surveys in the United States, Europe, China and Southeast Asian countries. Our Company will utilize its network of local partners to provide the most appropriate survey scheme to meet your needs. Understanding market trends in the United States, especially in specific fields such as medicine and law, and understanding China’s market trends in its expansion into Asia will be useful basic research for successfully expanding business overseas.

You can specify the printing company. Our Company does business with several printing companies, and it is possible to select the appropriate one for each type of printed matter. From low-cost advertising printing to specially processed printing, we can arrange as needed.

We can handle all kinds of media such as web, TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, direct mail, mail-in, posting, outdoor advertisement, traffic advertisement, POP, campaign and free paper. It is essential to select appropriate media according to strategy, such as newspaper media for senior citizens and web media for young people. In particular, some web ads are extremely powerful depending on how you use them, such as influencers and video ads. There are also cases in which a combination of a campaign using the own media and a press release can be very effective. We will choose the most cost-effective medium from all the options.

In principle, there are no restrictions on the use of copyrighted materials produced or delivered by Our Company for your marketing activities. However, the brand image may be damaged by the secondary use at the customer’s discretion, so please consult with the producer in charge in the case of secondary use. In addition, restrictions on secondary use may apply to copyrighted materials such as photographic materials owned by third parties.

Every month, we conduct a fixed amount of interviews, planning and implementation support on business issues.

Except for some services, in principle, 50% of the total amount will be paid as a deposit after the contract is concluded and 50% of the balance will be paid after delivery. As a general rule, you are required to pay for the actual delivery of printed materials before the full delivery, and you are required to pay for advertising expenses such as online advertising and posting advertising before placing advertisements.

This service is available for some products, such as periodic payments for website maintenance. Please contact us for details.

There are no particular industries in which we are unable to respond, but in cases where we do not expect the results of Our Company ‘s efforts, we may decline your request after explaining to you. In addition, we will not be able to respond to operations that violate laws and regulations, are illegal, are contrary to public order and morals, or are suspected of being related to anti-social forces.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.