Ethnographic Marketing Workshop

I participated in a workshop held by EMA (Ethnography Marketing Association) to experience the basics of ethnography marketing and practical applications.
Ethnography marketing combines “Ethnography”, which originated in the field of cultural anthropology, with digital marketing to develop market research and development.

It is said that highly creative U.S. and European companies such as IDEO and PIXAR place particular emphasis on field work. This is because a deep understanding of things through local experiences leads to the development of creator’s creativity and the creation of more realistic products. In particular, “qualitative survey” such as fieldwork is a good match for design and creativity. “qualitative survey” not only inspires new insights from the facts, but also provides clues to the objective facts that support intuitive-based hypotheses such as the senses and imagination of designers and creators.

It is also possible to develop quantitative research based on insights derived from qualitative research, and this process enhances a company’s creativity, reduces management risk, and increases the success rate of marketing.

In addition to quantitative surveys such as questionnaire surveys and analysis of Web data, Our Company has conducted a variety of qualitative surveys over a long period of time, including daily life diary surveys, on-site surveys, and depth interviews. In the future, we will continue to add ethnographic techniques to existing surveys to provide high-quality market research services.

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